For an appointment you can call the practice between 9 AM and 5 PM or send an email. During a consult I cannot be contacted by phone, but you are most welcome to leave a message so that I can call you back as soon as possible.



During  a consult I cannot be contacted by phone, but you are most welcome to leave a message so that I can call you back as soon as possible.



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Public Transportation:

Trams 13, 17, 14 – stop Westermarkt

Buses 170, 172, 174 – stop Westermarkt Bovenkant formulier

Trams 1, 2, 5 – stop Spui of Koningsplein

Parking :

Parking on the Herengracht itself can be difficult. However, it is also possible to use the parking garage Q-park on the Marnixstraat (Marnixstraat 250, 1016 TL Amsterdam)  which is about a ten minute walk from the practice.




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Our team:


Valérie Groeneweg

I graduated with a 6 year degree at the Superior School of Osteopathy in Paris in 2007. I started my career in Paris until 2008, when I moved to the Netherlands. I’ve been working at different practices until 2015. In January 2015 I started my own practice in the centre of Amsterdam, on the Herengracht (number 318).

In addition to treating adults, I’ve specialized the past years in the treatment of children. I’ve become a trained and passionate child osteopath, expanding my education continually.

  • Education:

    • Diploma Osteopathy for children, Panta Rhei (Hoeven, the Netherlands), 2011-2013
    • Degree Osteopathy from the Superior School of Osteopathy (Paris, France) 2001-2007
    • Degree European Council of Osteopathic Schools (Genève, Switzerland), 2007

    Work Experience

    • Osteopath/owner practice Osteopathy Herengracht, 2015- present
    • Osteopath in practice “ Osteopathie Amsterdam” , 2011-2015
    • Osteopathy in practice “Osteopathie Apeldoorn”, 2008-present
    • Active in the Foundation for Scientific Research Osteopathy (swoo.nl), 2013-2015
    • Osteopath in practice “Osteopathie Martens” (Arnhem), 2009-2011
    • Osteopath in practice Choisy le Roi (Paris, France), 2007-2008
    • Osteopath in pratice Montargis (France), 2007-2008
    • Osteopath for rugby team Val d’Europe (France), 2006-2007


  • Education

    • Heart and emotions in osteopathy, Bruno Ducoux, 2017
    • NVO congres; een integrale aanpak van SOLK, 2016
    • Basic medical education, Con Amore, 2016
    • The intestine as a sixth sense. The known and unknown relationship between the intestine, the health and desease. 2015
    • Fascial system in the Osteopathy 2015 (3 modules)
    • Fasciae congress 2013
    • Osteopathy for children, Panta Rhei 2011-2013
    • Divinity Foundation (volunteer work Kenya – children’s treatment), 2012
    • Integrated Techniques De Bakker, 2009-2010

Rutger Veneklaas

Since my youth I’ve had a great interest in sport. This sparked an interest in how we, as human beings, can live our lives in a more conscious and healthy way. This drive led me to study physiotherapy and osteopathy. During the osteopathic education in Ghent Belgium this vision grew to a big passion. In particular the thorough and complete approach in the osteopathy inspired me. ‘As an osteopath, you are basically a detective who is accurately searching for the various factors which overflow the bucket, decrease the loadability, and cause the complaints.’ Every human being is unique in this.

Every body is also complex and under the influence of many factors. I am convinced of the power of a holistic and complete treatment strategy. For this reason I have followed training in the area of consciousness and nutrition. Alongside that, I integrate technics and visions that I’ve developed from my time working as a physiotherapist and fitness instructor. I also endeavour to have a good cooperation with other doctors and paramedics. Everything is about optimizing your health.

In short, I will always strive for the most effective treatment strategy, with as basic principles a safe, thorough, expert and total approach.

    • Certificate Heart IQ coach, Heart IQ academy (Dalfsen), 2014 – 2016
    • Diploma Osteopathy, International Academy of Osteopathy (Ghent, Belgium), 2009-2012
    • Diploma Physiotherapy, Saxion Academy (Enschede), 2005-2009
    • Osteopath in practice Osteopathie Herengracht (Amsterdam), 2018 – present
    • Osteopath in practice Osteovitaal (Groningen en Ureterp), 2012 – present
    • Physiotherapist in medical center Nijverdal (Nijverdal), 2011
    • Physiotherapist in practice Hövels en Volmer (Neede), 2010
    • Fitness instructor at Saxion Academy Fitness (Enschede), 2007 – 2009
  • Osteopathic Courses

    • Integrated physiology and applied blood analysis, 2017
    • Gastrointestinal dynamics and visceral osteopathy module 2, 2014
    • Gastrointestinal dynamics and visceral osteopathy module 1, 2014
    • Cutting room practicals with fresh frozen preparations, 2014
    • Short lever manipulations, 2013

    Holistic courses

    • The blueprint, 2017 – 2018
    • Heart IQ ultima retreat (3 times), 2016, 2017, 2018
    • Roadmap to succes and happiness, 2015
    • Heart IQ retreat (9 times), 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
    • Orthomolecular nutrition and suppletion, 2013 – 2014
    • The importance and nutritional support of the detoxification, 2013
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