• Your baby cries a lot, is he agitated?


  • Does your baby sleep bad?


  • Does your baby have a flat head?


Osteopathie bij Baby’s

Why osteopathy for your child?
The development of a child begins during pregnancy. Childbirth is an intense process that places much force on the child. During childbirth, the child must subvert into the pelvis and pass through the birth canal. The natural forces that are placed on the body of a child during this natural travel route can give rise to blockages to the head, neck and spine. Especially if the fetal position is not optimal, as in face presentation, arm first, the umbilical cord around the neck, or breech, there is a greater chance of blockage(s). Ultimately, the development of the child can be affected.


During growth

During growth, the child undergoes important developmental phases. The osteopath can support the growth of a child, and treat possible blockages on time, signaling crooked teeth or developmental problems that can be an obstacle in the physical growth or in the cognitive and mental development of the child. The treatment of children is different than in adults. A child’s body needs to grow and the bones still need to ossify. For that reason, the osteopath uses gentle techniques.


Complaints to babies and toddlers:

  • Flat head, asymmetry of the head (plagiocephaly)
    • Preference attitude, crooked posture
    • Excessive crying, restlessness
    • Strained muscles
    • Cramps, reflux
    • Sleeping problems
    • ENT symptoms
    • Gross and fine motor problems (stiffness, clumsiness)


How can you make an appointment?

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